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We are proud to announce launch of New Vision Lasik Center equipped with worlds most advanced ,fastest and safest Allgretto Wave Eye Q 400 Hz Lasik Laser Vision correction machine.

Allegreto Wave Eye - Q 400Hz

ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q is a further step towards optimizing the process of laser vision correction. With customized ablation in mind, all ophthalmic WaveLight products have been designed as a fully-integrated concept in order to provide physician and patient the highest level of safety and reliability in refractive surgery.
The ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q is the first device ever to provide the surgeon with the possibility of choosing the optimal treatment for the patient from all currently known possibilities of refractive surgery.


LASIK (safe, Effective, permanent)
• Lasik is done by Allegretto Wave eye Q (400 HZ) & Moria evolution 3e with epilasik, microkeratome.
• Allegretto Wave Eye Q is FDA approved to treat + 6.0 D to -12.0 D spherical errors & +/- 6.0 D of cylindrical errors.
Speed -Truly efficient 400HZ fast speed repetition minimizes effect of dehydration and external environmental influences on cornea. E.g. - 6.0 D myopia takes merely 15 seconds to be treated.
Ablation Profile –It is first laser to use wavefront optimized profiles. This profile maintains corneal asphericity reducing problems with night vision.

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