Contoura LASIK

Contoura Vision surgery, also known as Topography-guided LASIK surgery, is an advanced version of LASIK surgery and provides enhanced benefits to the patients undergoing spectacle removal surgery.

Just like your fingerprint is completely unique to you, Contoura® Vision creates a procedure that’s completely unique to your eyes.

How is Contoura LASIK different from conventional LASIK?
1. The surface of the cornea is not perfectly smooth and contains some irregularities at microscopic level. Contoura® Vision with the help of a Topolyzer is able to map these irregularities using 22,000 unique data points then correct these irregularities, creating an optically perfect surface of the cornea giving you sharpness unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE procedure. As compared to Contoura, conventional LASIK maps only 200 points on the cornea.

2. Contoura Vision treats on visual axis which is the natural seeing axis of eye. Other procedures like LASIK and SMILE treat on pupillary axis. This treatment on Visual Axis futher enhances the quality of vision.

3. Contoura® Vision decreases many of the common symptoms associated with LASIK & SMILE like: Halos, Starbursts, Night driving difficulty, glare.

4. Safety comes first and Contoura® Vision meets the highest standards in safety. Contoura® Vision has been approved by US-FDA & CE as the safest laser eye surgery available today.

No Blade, No Injection, No Pain, No Stitch, No Bandage, No Hospitalization, Faster recovery.

Who is Eligible for Contoura Vision treatment?

  • The patient must be above 18 years
  • The patient must have a steady prescription for eyewear
  • Cornea should not be thin
  • Spherical power should be <9D, Cylindrical power should be <3D (Though the cut off may vary depending on thickness and shape of the cornea)
  • Should not be suffering from any major corneal or ocular pathology

Which Candidates Are Not Eligible For Contoura Vision Surgery?

  • Patients who are less than 18 years of age due to instability in vision.
  • Patient suffering from immunodeficiency diseases
  • Patients with vascular disease
  • Patients with myopia higher than 9.00 D
  • Patients with prominent nose and brow that obstructs reflection.

The doctor will determine other criteria on a case-to-case basis.

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