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Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Surgery Treatment


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What is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia, or "lazy eye" is a childhood vision disorder where one eye becomes weaker than the other due to suppression by the brain. Early intervention with glasses, patching, or vision therapy is essential to prevent permanent vision loss. Amblyopia begins in youth, and it's the most considered normal reason for vision misfortune in kids. Up to 3 out of 100 youngsters have it. Fortunately early treatment functions admirably and typically forestalls long haul vision issues.

What are the symptoms of amblyopia?

The common presenting features of lazy eyes are:

1. Blurred or double vision

2. Uncoordinated eye movements

3. Squinting or closing one eye to view better

4. Poor depth perception (3D vision)

How Is Amblyopia "Lazy Eye" Treated?

1. Spectacles: Accurate refraction with wearing the most suitable glasses is the first line of treatment.

2. Patching: this is done by covering the better eye with an occluder pad or an opaque tape for 2-6 hours every day and making the child do tasks with their lazy eye.

3. Penalization: This is done by putting Atropine eye drops in the better eye. This technique blurs out the vision of the better eye and forces the lazy eye to work.

4. Latest treatment option for Amblyopia (lazy eye) : A new age, revolutionary technology called Bynocs AmblyGo has been developed to overcome Amblyopia or lazy eye in both children and adults.

Bynocs AmblyGo Therapy :

Bynocs AmblyGo is based on dichoptic vision therapy in which both the eyes are made to view contrast adjusted images simultaneously. Here the better eye gets an image with lower contrast in comparison to the lazy eye. The brain is trained to pick images from both the eyes and use them together by fusing it into one single image. the patented bynocs program has multiple computer games for better compliance and results.

Bynocs AmblyGo :

1. Fast and effective in all age groups

2. Better compliance

3. Simple and engaging game based technology

4. Permanent visual gains

5. Development of 3D vision

6. Cloud based home / clinic vision therapy solution

Vision Therapy not only treats Amblyopia but also improves :

1. Visual Acuity (Eyesight)

2. Binocular Vision

3. Visual Processing Abilities

4. Eye-Hand Coordination

5. Reading Fluency.

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