Advanced Cataract surgical technology at Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya

Every Eye Is Unique So Should Be Its Cataract Surgery

Phaco surgery redefined with the most advanced INFINITI® Phaco, a truly customized cataract surgical experience
• Increased Safety
Reduced heat production in the eye.
Unique fluid management system avoids cross contamination & safeguards against infection. Minimal or no damage to ocular tissues due to reduced fluid flow & turbulence.

• Early Visual Rehabilitation
Reading & TV viewing - immediate to post operation.
Resume work from the next day.

• Enhanced Efficiency
Torsional (lateral) ensures safer & faster cataract removal even for the hardest (brown & black) cataracts, than conventional (longitudinal) phaco surgery.

Micro-coaxial cataract surgery (Phaco 2.2mm surgery)
Moving forward with Intrepid micro-coaxial system.

• INFINITI® with OZil®
Make the best choice for your cataract surgery by availing the Infiniti® Vision System & OZil® technology from Alcon® USA (patented), the latest in the world for cataract extraction with AcrySof® platform lenses.

The Technology Used

The most modern technology of Cataract Surgery is called phacoemulsification or phaco. In this technique a small ultrasonic probe is inserted into the eye. This probe breaks (emulsifies) the cloudy lens into tiny pieces & gently sucks them out. Thus the natural cataractous lens is replaced with a clear man made one. The newly inserted lens opens up like a flower when inside. NO stitches are used & the incision is self sealing. Phaco requires a small incision of only 2.2 millimeteres or less.

Cold Phaco System

Our Center is accredited for implantation of latest premium IOL like Trifocal, Multifocal and Toric Lenses. All the surgeries are done by suture less method. We have the unique Cold Phaco System. This will prevent microscopic damage to the intraocular structure which is common during Conventional Phaco Surgeries

Giving you the Right power of the lens

The Power of the artficial lens to be implanted in the eye differs from person to person. For calculating IOL (intra-ocular lens) power, We use IOL Master 700, which gives most accurate results.
The ZEISS IOLMaster® 700 is the gold standard in optical biometry with more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations to date.
Improving refractive outcomes
Any intraocular lens calculation is only as reliable as the lens constant it is based on
Advanced measurement of challenging eyes
The true test of a biometer is its performance with challenging eyes. In denser cataracts the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 achieves a measurement success ratio that is up to 95% higher than that of other optical biometry devices.

What are drusen?

Incorporates number of formulas for accurate IOL power calculation
IOL power calculation after refractive surgery procedure also
Immersion technology – provides highly accurate axial length measurement & permits highly accurate IOL power calculations.

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